Get Laser Treatment done for treating Varicose vein!
The varicose vein mainly starts out as much more than the visual problem though it may also lead, over time, and make your leg swelling, create pain and lead to fatigue. The blood flow gets reduced to the legs which lead to the legs to tire quite quickly as well as often make them feel like they are heavy as weights. When the varicose veins on legs are left untreated, varicose vein may get serious to specific point of leading to leg ulcers, leg cramps, blood clots and also impaired walking.

Correcting varicose veins problems generally used to involve the hospitalization, also the surgical removal of varicose vein along with the recovery period which is quite long. It may also make one trembling just to give a though about it. Now, on the other hand, using the latest technology of laser or radiofrequency ablation, in various different cases, much of this old surgical process may be the thing of past.

The advantages of the new laser process sclerotherapy recovery for treatment of varicose vein are considerable. Moreover, there is actually no such preparation work that is required at all. This might also be done as the outpatient procedure that usually takes less than one hour start to as well as to finish. The old process of surgical laser vein removal before and after usually took 4-6 hours and at times even more. The other question which strikes the mind of a person is that are varicose veins bad? The answer is definitely yes, if they are not treated on time and properly. The Total anesthesia for laser procedure is also not required and there is just minimal pain. While everything is also done there is not any kind of scarring.

The incision of spider veins before and after to insert laser is quite small so there is also no such need for any kind of the stitches. While the doctor gets done with laser there is actually no period of recovery at all and also the doctor suggest you some care after clarivein. The Vigorous physical activity also gets discouraged for first day or even two after the happening of the laser treatment but usually you walk out of outpatient facility where you are return to the normal and the daily activities instantly. There might also be some little tenderness as well as itching for a week afterwards but it is not adequate to limit your activities rather you shall also look for care after sclerotherapy.

At times, you need to go back for the second or even the third follow up of the laser procedure for obtaining complete resolution related to the problem. Certainly, that would differ from one person to another.

The technical name given for the process is endovenous laser therapy where laser is used that is much precise and it helps to delivers a much controlled dose of the laser energy. The doctor would then insert a thin and small laser fiber in the thigh. Although, the varicose vein that is shows up in the lower leg area are some real cause of problem that is always faulty valve in the upper leg.

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